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Manifest the Power of Surrender Download Package
Manifest the Power of Surrender Download Package





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Manifest the Power of Surrender Download Package

Do you sabotage yourself by pushing too hard? Do you often worry about money? Do you obsess about relationships or unavailable people? Would you like to experience more bliss in your life? Dr. Orloff offers solutions. Get ready to experience of the power and wonder of letting go!

Product #1: Four Audio Clips from The Ecstasy of Surrender (MP3)
  1. The Importance of Surrender During Times of Pain & Illness
  2. Surrender to Your Body’s Power
  3. Surrender Your Attraction to Unavailable People
  4. Surrendering to Intuition
Product #2: Seven Life Lessons from The Ecstasy of Surrender (PDF)
In these seven life lessons you will learn how to:
  • Surrender Low Self Esteem
  • Surrender to Reading Emotional Energy
  • Surrender Being a Relationship Empath
  • Surrender Your Attraction to Unavailable People
  • Surrender to Observing Body Language Cues
  • Surrender to Illness
  • Surrendering to a New Paradigm: The Dance Between Destiny and Will
Product #3: Life Affirmations from The Ecstasy of Surrender (PDF)
Twelve powerful affirmations to enrich all aspects of your life from success, power, abundance, trusting your intuition, compassionate communication, soul relationships, positive body image, increase sexual power, healing, connecting with nature, radiant aging, and the mystery of the afterlife.

Product #4: How to Stay Positive in Times of Uncertainty (MP3)
In this uplifting workshop, Judith Orloff MD discusses the power of staying positive no matter what is happening in your life to help you lead a more empowered and joyful life! You’ll learn to:
  • Learn to powerfully listen to your body's needs.
  • Make sense of your life when it's most confusing.
  • Use your body's subtle energies to heal pain, panic, depression and other symptoms.
Product #5: Tapping into Your Energy Awareness (MP3)
Transform your life by accessing your sacred energy.
  • Learn what your intuitive state is and how you interact with the energies in this world.
  • Find out how to attract positive people and energy to your life.
  • Stop feeling drained and live a vibrant life!
Product #6: Intuitive Decision Making - MP4 Video - 21:37
Learn how to powerfully listen to your body's needs to help you make sense of your life when it's most confusing. (this is from the Developing Intuition Package)

Product #7: Let Go to Intuition & Empower Your Life! (MP3 Download) - 27:24
Many people today are out of touch with their intuition and the inner guidance that is readily available to them. Intuition is the window of your soul and connection to a higher power. Surrendering to your intuition gives you greater optimism, less stress and loneliness, and a more sophisticated way to make good decisions.

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